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"I was at a clinic with Mark Rashid when we started talking about physical discomfort in the horse and how often training issues are actually more pain issues. Mark recommended the Masterson method as he has found it to be one of the best body works for horses. I met with Anne and started having her work with my personal horse, Apollo, once a month. She also started working on several of my students’ horses. I am totally convinced that Anne is a “must-have” on any one’s horse team. Anne was able to feel issues in horses that the vets didn’t even notice. She was able to address a horse that was rushing at jumping fences in just a few weeks (as it turns out he was hurting in his shoulders.) She has helped release back tension to get better movement in dressage horses. She has helped horses relax in their neck/shoulder/jaw to help them accept the bit and lift in their top line. I can’t say enough wonderful things about Anne and her work. She communicates clearly, is reliable, and always takes the time to discuss a case with me. As for my own horse, he feels like a different horse after Anne works on him. He seems more excited to get to work, he is loose and playful in his movement, and just seems to have more fun in our rides together. Anne’s work is truly awesome and I highly recommend bringing her on to you and your equine’s team."


“Love working with Anne and having her come work on all my ponies. They all love and appreciate her...Anne is professional, knows her way around a horse and is super friendly and fun to chat with. I also love that she's more than willing to show and explain everything she's doing and why she's doing it. I would recommend trying her out you won't be disappointed.”

K.O.~Fort Collins

“I adore Anne and so does my horse! She has a wonderful energy that makes her approachable to horses and people alike. My mare has benefitted more from her sessions with Anne than she has from chiropractic, acupuncture and veterinary combined. 10/10 highly recommend”


“C is looking GORGEOUS today after his bodywork session yesterday with Anne Bailey...I LOVE the Masterson Method Anne uses, because the next day, it's like someone used a gigantic eraser on the body because the horse looks SO SMOOTH! All those pockets of tension and tightness and restriction are loosened and the horse glows with renewed suppleness! It's totally remarkable what can be done in even ONE session! Plus, Anne is very friendly & warm. She's VERY kind, gentle, patient & thorough with the horses, even when the horses aren't especially cooperative! I HIGHLY recommend you check her out if your horse has ANY sore or stiff spots! We look forward to seeing Anne again in a few weeks, because she does such GOOD WORK for the well-being of horses. I'm so glad we found Anne and you & your horse will be too!”



“Just had THE BEST ride EVER on my horse R!! Anne Bailey from GT Equine you are truly THE BEST!! Anyone who doesn't have Anne as a part of their training program with their horses is losing out BIG TIME!! So so happy to have found her ( I am big time picky ). Anne is here to stay!! What she has done using The Masterson Method to help me with R is indescribable!! Thank you ...thank you...thank you!!! I truly believe though that it is not just The Masterson Method that Anne is Anne's gift for being able to read, and understand what the horse is silently relaying to her through their body”


“I seriously cannot say enough good things about Anne, her

methods, and the incredible changes we have seen in our horses.”


"D has been so much more honest. Every time she gets her bodywork done she feels much more flowy, relaxed, and able to be herself. This bodywork has brought D and I closer and I

have noticed a shift in her mood. She is happier, and more willing to "be" with me. You can tell she looks forward to getting it done, and although it may take her some time to settle in, you can tell she really enjoys it. All her places with tension have slowly begun to subside, relaxing more, becoming a new horse who enjoys company. Having you, Anne, come and do the work on her has taught her to become more trusting and she has been able to be vulnerable and is beginning to release her tension, just have shown me. I love the work that is being done with my horse, and wouldn't want anybody else to do it. You can tell D trusts Anne and so do I. The work has made incredible changes. "


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